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*The rates quoted are valid for exchanges from 50,000 units.

What you gain with us?

Save money

The difference between the buying and the selling rate of exchange in online currency exchange is only 1% or even less. For you, that means the transaction is way more profitable than in traditional currency exchange.

Call us whenever you want

We are on the phone for the whole time during our office opening hours – you do not have to listen to answering machine or wait for call in a queue!


Each transaction on our platform is protected in the same way as the biggest banking institution are. You have a guarantee of complete safety.

Your benefits

You make transaction without leaving your home

Nowadays, most services are available through the computer – without leaving your home you can do shopping, order some food or even work. Why do not exchange money this way?

Same as other financial operations, also online currency exchange is properly supported, legally and technically. Without worry you can enjoy modern facilities and make transactions while sitting on your favourite armchair, with a cup of tea in your hand. Comfortable and quickly!

You do not pay a fee

Facilities provided by online currency exchange are completely free for you!

Setup and maintenance the Cash Broker account is free, same as doing transfers. We will only charge you for special transfers (for example urgent ones). If you plan your transactions in advance and you always have everything under control, you can use Cash Broker practically for free!

You can visit our office

Although our activity is mainly concerned with online transactions, we are also available offline! You can meet us in our office in Poznań.

If somehow online transactions still do not raise your confidence, you can use our service traditionally. In our office we can also show you how easy are online operations on Cash Broker platform – we give computers to your disposal, so you can make a transfer on the spot and wait for the returning transfer to be sure that everything is going well. If you have any questions, we are within arm’s reach of you.

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Exchange of currencies via the Internet

Online exchange offices enable efficient, safe and cheap exchange of currencies, which is why they are becoming more and more popular. As an online currency exchange company, Cash Broker works primarily with small and medium enterprises and individual clients in mind. Thanks to attractive exchange rates and modern technologies securing online currency exchange transactions, our clients can save up to several thousand annually, while having guaranteed security.

Cash Broker is a secure online exchange from Poznan, which gives you the opportunity to exchange online currency from any country in the world for many currency pairs. As a professional Internet exchange office, we attach special importance not only to the expansion of our offer with additional currencies, but also for a high level of customer service. The priority for us is the security of online transactions. Online currency exchange is our mission, which we accomplish with passion and commitment, providing services of the highest quality. In addition, we guarantee the best exchange rates, because that’s what you require from the best online currency exchange office.

Online exchange office

Online exchange offices are becoming more and more popular on the financial market, because they give their users the opportunity to save significant amounts of money. The difference between the buying and selling exchange rate in an online currency exchange office is 0.5% or less, which means definitely more favorable exchange than the traditional one. Online exchange does not require the delivery of large amounts of cash to the exchange office and avoids the costs of operations on the bank’s foreign currency account. Choose the confidence and convenience of currency exchange via the Internet through an online broker!

Do not be afraid if you do not know how online exchange offices work. Safe exchange of currencies via the Internet, legally, is really possible! We use the same protections that are used in large financial institutions. In addition, we have authorized certificates and security encryption keys for transmission. All financial operations take place on bank accounts, which ensures verification in accordance with the requirements of the General Inspectorate of Financial Information.

Exchange offices also have a different advantage over traditional ones. Online exchange can be completed after just a few minutes, without a visit to the bank, without leaving your home or office. You also do not need to use complex currency conversion rates, rankings and other tools that you do not understand. Modern solutions in the field of online currency exchange allow you to save time and money, are comfortable and secure. Using the services of Cash Broker, a safe currency exchange office from Poznań and an online broker is a way to optimize the company’s operating costs.

Cash Broker is a currency exchange organization with long traditions and good opinions from hundreds of customers. We provide our clients with currency exchange via the Internet at the best prices and with all security requirements. Our experts have experience in the currency exchange market, which they will be happy to share with you. You do not even have to leave your own home. The only thing you need is to register and login on our website. It will be done without any additional costs. It’s not without reason that we have such good opinions among our customers – see for yourself! Do not hesitate to find out where to exchange money in Poznan or another city in our country – choose Cash Broker.

We are also at your disposal at our facility in the center of Poznań, at Półwiejska Street. Our specialists are at the service of our clients so that you can enjoy fast and convenient currency exchange, legally via the Internet. We also offer work in the financial services sector. Get to know the details of our offer by browsing our website.

Cash Broker – fast and convenient online exchange platform and the best exchange rates.

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